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Pranic Healing

What is Prana?
Prana means energy-the vital energy or life force that forms an outer layer to the physical body in all life forms. This is called 'ki' in Japanese, 'Chi' in Chinese, 'pneuma' the Greek and 'Ruah' in Hebrew. It is an invisible energy field or biphasic force that surrounds the body. It is more universally known as the "energy body." This aura is invisible to the naked eye, though persons with clairvoyant abilities are able to see it. Scientific research is being conducted in many countries to further investigate the nature and character of the "aura".

Prana and Healing
The energy body and the physical body are closely related so much so that the energy body is referred to as the "enteric twin" of the physical body. What affects one affects the other. Any disease aiming at the physical body has to first penetrate the energy body. A disease can be located in the energy body three months before it manifests in the physical body. While medical doctors treat the physical body to cure diseases, the pranic healer treats the energy body and there by affects a cure in the physical body. This is a "no-touch-no-medicine" healing system. However, it must be emphasized that pranic healing is not meant to replace the allopathic system of medicine, but in fact to complement and supplement it.

How is the healing performed?
The energy body comprises of the 'chakras' (which correspond to the vital organs in the physical body) and the 'Nadis' (which correspond to the blood vessels in the physical body). For perfect health, the chakras are to be balanced and the Nadis free flowing. Any imbalance in the form of under activation or over activation or depletion or congestion of chakras or block in the nadis causes the person to fall ill.

The pranic healer scans the aura- chakras and the nadis to determine their condition. Energy 'leaks' in Chakras are also detected and sealed. Healing is done by cleansing the affected chakras and nadis by removing the diseased energy and replacing it with fresh vital energy, restoring the patient to good health.

Where does the energy come form?
The fourth element is Divine prana, which is received by the healer through his spiritual cord called "anthakama" in yogic terminology.

What can Pranic Healing Cure?
Pranic Healing can be used to heal, alleviate and prevent all kinds of physical, emotional and mental diseases.

Enhance Nascent abilities
Pranic Healing can also enhance physical, emotional and mental attributes like character, attitude and strengths of individuals. For instance increased learning ability and intellect of children and performance of athletes and sports persons.

Preventive Healing
The energy for healing is secured from the three vital natural elements - air, sun and ground. One of the greatest benefits of Pranic Healing is Preventive Healing. As mentioned earlier the Pranic Healer is able to detect disease before it manifests in the physical body and eradicate it.

Distance and Self-Healing
Another very powerful aspect of Pranic Healing is the ability to heal without the physical presence of the patient. It also empowers the healer to heal himself.

Origin of Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing has its origin in time immemorial. Our ancient Rishis, Chinese and Tibetan Monks among others have been using 'prana' or energy in healing. However, the system has been shrouded in mystery since it was taught and practiced secretively and selectively for fear of misuse. That the mystique of "aura" was familiar since ancient times is evident from the fact that portraits of deities and saints belonging to almost every race or religion show light surrounding their heads, enveloping their bodies or even emerging from their palms. These are all depictions of energy.

Disorders of the Brain & Nervous System and Cures through Pranic Healing
What we call miraculous healing is nothing more than increasing the rate of self-recovery of the body. There is nothing super-natural or paranormal about Pranic healing. It is simply based on natural laws that most people are not aware of.

There are two aspects of physical body:

1. Visible physical body - which we can see and touch

2. Invisible physical body- is made of energy of bioplasma, hence called as energy body, bioplasmic body or aura.

There are energy channels and energy centres in the energy body through which energy flows in the body and gives life to the visible physical body and vital internal organs. It is through the energy body that Prana or life energy is absorbed and distributed through out the whole physical body.

The brain and the nervous system are controlled and energized by the crown chakra and forehead chakra. The ajna chakra also affects and energizes the brain and nervous system.

Children with MR have dirty, under activated crown chakra, forehead chakra and ajna chakra. The lower charkas are also affected. By treating these chakras mentally challenged can be substantially cured.

In mentally challenged, role of parents and people living with the patient is very important. It takes several years to cure them. So Pranic healing has to be complemented with special education.

Regular Pranic treatment can help to a large extent in improving the condition of Mentally Challenged children. Their responses and body coordination improves after a few healings. If the patient is very aggressive, then through Pranic healing, he becomes more calm and quiet. Gradually the patient improves and gets cured after several healings.