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Person with Mentally Challenged as an Employee

It has been observed universally that jobs requiring repetitive type of work are done very satisfactorily by persons with MR, even better than the person with normal intellectual capability because they can do the job with less distraction. Persons with mentally challenged are likely to be more committed to their jobs and do not participate in creating difficulties for the employers through union activities.

Misconceptions an Employer may have:

It is felt that the person with MR cannot learn work related skills so employment is not possible. There is a gross under estimation of their needs and capabilities.

Their work performance and work behaviour will be poor.

They need constant supervision and can work only in sheltered and protective environment.

Employment is considered more as a charity rather than the right of the persons with disability.

Arising from the above attitudes proper wages for the work is not given due attention.

Efforts in providing vocational training and employment to persons with mentally challenged have shown great success and it was seen that there is no compromise in the quality of work, provided vocational skills are matched with their ability.

Therefore, it is very important to have a prior discussion with the employer and make him as well as the co-workers aware of the person's strengths & limitations and also clear their doubts.