Early Intervention Services 0-4 yrs.

Pre School Readiness Skills 4-6 yrs.

School for Special Education 6-16 yrs.

Pre Voc & Vocational Centre 18+ yrs.

Recreational & Activity Club 5+ yrs.

Remedial Teaching Services Speech, OT,

Vocational Training And Rehabilitation


What is vocational training?

Vocational training is a way of imparting education with an aim to train persons with mentally challenged to be economically and socially self- dependant.

Employment is a major element in the lifestyle of all people. Persons with mentally challenged are no exception to this. They also need some incentive through meaningful employment for the fullest development of their potential. But certain qualities are essential in order to hold a job, which a person with mentally challenged may not be able to acquire from experience like other people.

Hence an appropriate training programme is essential to prepare the person with mentally challenged to enter the world of work. Thus vocational services should be made available to people with any disability depending on their ability.

The main aim of vocational training is to prepare the adult with disability to enter the world of work.

Before a vocational training programme, the person with mentally challenged should be exposed to pre-vocational programme/training, which starts at a very young age. Formal training would depend on the ability of the individual. Vocational training facilities rendered by different organizations in the country are paper based, textile based, carpentry, arts and crafts, candle and chalk making, repairing and assembly, screen printing, agro based activities etc.

Rehabilitation depends to a large degree on providing continuity of services available at different stages in the life of a special person. The rehabilitative services for persons with mentally challenged ranges from early detection, care, management, vocational training and job placement to regular follow-ups, along with other welfare measures towards his/her overall independence. Support services for the person with mentally challenged and their families have been expanded during the last decade. Day schools for children with special needs, hearing and speech problems and the person with mentally challenged have been started in big cities. Residential facilities are available in few schools. Steps are being taken to encourage non-government organizations to start more homes and initiate income generation schemes.

Vocational training facilities exist in few schools to prepare those old enough for jobs. Models like sheltered workshops, supported competitive employment and self-employment are widely practiced employment models in the Indian context.

Vocational training is not an end in itself; rather it is a means towards an end.