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School for Special Education 6-16 yrs.

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Remedial Teaching Services Speech, OT,

Mental Disability

Causes of Mentally Challenged

Poverty may be one of the causes of mentally challenged. Mentally challenged may occur because:

    They may not have enough food or a balanced diet.

    They are more likely to live in an unhealthy or dangerous environment.

    If they are employed, they are more likely to have jobs that are low paid, insecure or dangerous.

    They may be exposed to insecurity or violence at home or in communities.

    They are more at risk of infection and when they fall ill they have less access to treatment.

    They are less educated, less literate and have fewer opportunities to learn about prevention or treatment.

Girls and women living in poverty are especially vulnerable in many countries; girls are fed last and given inferior food. Chronic malnutrition can result in growth stunting, resulting in risk of childbirth complications. Government, international agencies and communities need to understand the effects of poverty and take measures to solve this problem and help the disabled.